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Muscle Relaxing Injection: The Important Questions

Before going to any consultations you should think about the important questions that you should be asking.

This six point plan will hopefully help patients understand the important factors when making medical decisions.

  1. Price. This is often many patients’ initial concern. While it is important to get the best price possible, patients should be aware of why there can be such a great difference in prices that are quoted e.g. £99 for three areas or up to £500 for the same amount? Prices gets sectioned by most clinics into areas (although double check as these can be different in different clinics). Authentic FDA-approved Allergan Muscle Relaxing Injection costs more than other types of ‘Muscle Relaxing Injection’, and you also should be aware that different clinics may give different units of Muscle Relaxing Injection. As a rough guide, one area is usually £200 and three areas can be up to £400.
  2. Practitioner: Beautician, Nurse, Doctor or Dentist? Personally, I would rather have my work done by a practitioner that has had advanced Muscle Relaxing Injection training and governed by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Although a doctor may seem more qualified than a nurse it is likely that a nurse will be doing treatments much more frequently than some doctors. Check each practitioner’s credentials and ask how long they have been performing Muscle Relaxing Injection treatments.
  3. Precision: What is one area? Every company classes areas differently so it is hard to give an accurate answer on this. You should confirm beforehand to get some guide line prices. Anyone that can give a definite prices for one area may not be giving you the best answer. Some peoples lines are deeper than others so a female with light lines may need less injected then a man with deep set wrinkles to get the desired results, so you will need a consultation to determine what is personal to you.
  4. Product: Designer vs. Fake. Is the product authentic? It costs a certain amount to manufacture genuine Muscle Relaxing Injection and to have a qualified practitioner. At Skin Medical we use Allergan Muscle Relaxing Injection which is FDA Approved and considered the gold standard in Muscle Relaxing Injection.
  5. Place: Make sure that procedures take place in a sterile environment. Would you want an injection in a hospital where there are balls of human hair on the floor and dirty teacups on the side where the injections lay? There is no way that you would stand for this in a hospital so why are so many women happy to have treatment n a hairdressers, beauticians or even in their own home? Remember that your skin is being pierced with this injection: a sterile environment minimises any risk of infection.
  6. Peace of Mind: Aftercare: is it included? It is such a simple thing but is nearly always over looked. If you are unhappy with your results who do you go and see? Can you see a medical practitioner? What advice is a beautician with no medical training going to offer you, and will they ever pick up the phone again? Do you really even know the product that they used if you had to go to hospital ? You want to being seeing a nurse/doctor that works at clinic governed by the Care Quality Commission.

At Skin Medical we use Allergan Muscle Relaxing Injection and all procedures are performed by qualified prescribers in our clinic and are registered by the CQC. We never pressure our patients into having treatment and offer alternative anti-ageing treatments, and all aftercare is included withing the price.