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Muscle Relaxing Injection: Ban for Remote Prescribing of Muscle Relaxing Injection

Skin Medical discusses the implications of the new rules that severely restricts where and when patients can have their Muscle Relaxing Injection.

As of  23rd July 2012 you will need a prescription from a doctor or non medical prescribing nurse to have your Muscle Relaxing Injection. This will typically impact upon those patients who currently get their Muscle Relaxing Injection from a beauty salon or hairdresser as many of these mobile practitioners cannot prescribe or obtain Muscle Relaxing Injection.

The best solution is to seek a reputable clinic which is registered with the Care Quality Commission such as Skin Medical with convenient city centre locations in Manchester and Leeds. At our clinics we employ doctors and non medical prescribing nurse practitioners qualified in consulting, prescribing and administering Muscle Relaxing Injection for:

• Anti-ageing fine lines and wrinkles around eyes (crow’s feet), frown lines and forehead.
• Masseter injections to combat for teeth grinding and provide jaw reshaping
• Hyperhidrosis, being underarm sweating
• Headache and migraine relief to the forehead.

For more information visit: Relaxing Injection-prescribing.aspx