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In the last five years male breast reductions have soared. Recent figures reveal a tenfold increase in the number of men seeking solution to the embarrassing problem of gynaecomastia. This breast reduction is normally associated with women, but more and more males are starting to take action. Man boobs or ‘moobs’ occur in over 40 per cent of UK males.

“Men who have never taken their t-shirts off in public before”, said one plastic surgeon “are seeking liposuction with or without the need for surgery.”

Modern technology, such as Vaser lipo, uses ultrasound to break down fat deposits to liquid form this allowing the melted fat to be removed by gentle suction. This means that patients for the first time can avoid general anaesthetic and drive home after 1 to 2 hours on medical couch. Results are instant as fat is removed at time of procedure and there is no need for big scars, long term recovery or bruising associated with traditional liposuction.

So, what causes gynecomastia?

It is a condition where men with higher than normal levels of the female hormone oestrogen develop female glandular tissue and larger breasts

You can find out how you can have male breast reduction under local anaesthetic by ringing Skin Medical on 0161 839 7663 and ask about Vaser treatment.

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