Laser Treatment vs. Botox To Stop Excessive Sweating
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Laser Treatment vs. Botox to Stop Excessive Sweating

Cosmetic surgeons are offering a new 60 minute operation to stop hyperhidrosis: excessive armpit perspiration.

Reported by Telegraph ‘Comment’

Laser technique is used to end axillary hyperhidrosis for patient suffering severe sweating under armpits, brings an end to the embarrassing problem which affect 3 millions in Britain.

Using keyhole surgery, sweat glands are targeted by a laser which permanently destroys the glands then aspirated out using suction.

Patients with this condition would previous have had to be treated with Botox, which is a temporary solution to the problem of excessive sweating and can end up being very costly over time.

Excessive sweating can cause embarrassment and can also be costly in terms of destroying clothes.

Outcome from the laser sweat ablation technique is that patient’s still continue to sweat the same amount however this takes place throughout the other 99% surface area of the body.

A one hour procedure under local anaesthetic is the new anti-sweating laser treatment that could transform some people’s lives, enabling them to stop sweating from their armpits with immediate effect.

British Association Of Cosmetic Nurses Three Best Rated PIAPA Care Quality Commission NHS


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