Can I Get Free Liposuction On The NHS?
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Can I Get Free Liposuction On The NHS?

Read what the NHS official website says about traditional liposuction and what patient conditions must prevail before liposuction would be performed under the NHS:

Liposuction, also sometimes known as liposculpture, is the removal of unwanted body fat by suction, using a surgical vacuum. It is a form of cosmetic surgery that aims to slim and smooth the contours of your body.

As liposuction is usually a cosmetic procedure (used to improve your appearance) it is not normally available on the NHS. However, liposuction may be used by the NHS as reconstructive surgery to treat certain conditions.

These conditions include:

– lymphoedema – a condition which causes excess fluid and chronic swelling throughout the body

– lipodystrophy syndrome – where fat is gained in one area of the body and lost from another (a side effect of medicines that are sometimes used to treat HIV), and

– lipoma – a non-cancerous lump of fatty cells under the skin.

Liposuction as a cosmetic procedure is available privately through plastic and cosmetic surgery clinics. The price of liposuction varies depending on which parts of your body are treated, and how much liposuction you have. However, the procedure usually costs at least £2,000.

It is important to be aware that while liposuction may be able to change the shape of your body, it cannot make you lose weight, or reduce the appearance of cellulite. As with all surgical procedures, there are also several risks and complications involved, including infection, blood clots, and scarring.”

Skin Medical explains that the difference between traditional liposuction described above and vaser lipolysis and is summarised below.

Skin Medical uses Vaser ultrasound technology to ‘melt’ the fat prior to gently sucking it out, termed aspiration. This is done under local anaesthetic as opposed to general which means you are awake and can drive home straight after the procedure avoiding need for overnight stays.

Recovery time is considerably less as we melted the fat hence avoided mass bruising and lots of discomfort – patients are typically back to work after 48 hours.

It is because of this technological breakthrough that this procedure is becoming the treatment of choice over the traditional liposuction. And importantly, the result are superior and smooth with no known causes of ripples unlike, the traditional method.