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DIY Muscle Relaxing Injection Goes For Sale Online: But Is It Safe?

Daily Mail investigated the DIY makeshift cosmetic kits that can cause a range of health problems – some life threatening.

For example so called ‘miracle’ Muscle Relaxing Injection and facial fillers are selling in increasing numbers to recession-hit women turning to cheap alternatives to the £200 jabs from reputable skin clinics, such as Skin Medical in Manchester and Leeds.

These online companies target the gullible women who believe that they can regain their youth with a few clicks of the mouse. Packs are then delivered by post, some with a syringe and map showing where to inject it into your face.

It is believed about 600,000 people in UK now buy different medicines from the Internet each year – and the numbers are growing.

The online sites are worryingly unregulated. These internet sites (2,300 in total) have little or no regulation. Buyers are allowed to purchase powerful prescription-only drugs and dangerous toxins without any medical guidance.

Muscle Relaxing Injection, facial ‘fillers’, unlicensed ‘fat-melting’ jabs and banned skin-lightening creams are all available from companies that hide behind a web of secrecy, offering buyers no phone or contact details in case treatments go wrong.

But Dr Matthew Watson of Aesthetic Doctor, a clinic in Manchester and Leeds, warns against opting for the cheap option online: ‘If the toxin is not injected in precisely the right place, you can paralyse the wrong muscles, causing drooping of the eyelid or eyebrow or even paralysing the muscles that move the eyeball, causing impaired vision.’

Laws are currently changing to protect consumers, and it is always important to ensure that you are purchasing products that have been tested for their safety and results and that you are treated by a qualified medical professional. While cheap online Muscle Relaxing Injection or fillers may seem like a good deal at the time, it is always important to remember that there is a reason why these products are so cheap and the results that you will achieve from these products are likely to be far inferior, or even damaging, when compared to authentic, tested aesthetic products.