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Cosmetic Industry To Get Long Overdue Make over

Sir Bruce Keogh, NHS Medical Director, is charged with leading a review of the cosmetic industry and the shoddy practises by some national providers and some less well-known clinics.

Some of the Improvements and Changes already identified include:

Tighter regulations of hospitals and clinics. It is true that some clinics are not properly registered with Care Quality Commission (CQC) and choose to have multiple names to give the patient the concept of choice when in fact they belong to the same commercial business, ensuring surgeons are properly qualified to perform treatments.

Most foreign qualifications are not of the same quality and rigour as those qualifications obtained in UK, however current legislation allows these doctors to practise in UK. Dermal fillers can be administred to the face by anyone! It is incredidible to believe that the legislation does not insist that these practitioners are not medically trained.

The advertising of cosmetic surgery is not strict enough to prevent ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ type promotions. Similarly, muscle relaxing injections such as Muscle Relaxing Injection up until last month could be prescribed and administered without face to face consultations and be given by a nurse with only half a day’s training. Thankfully this issue has been addressed, but this was only as a result of BBC program exposure into the illegal practice.

So if you are considering vaser liposuction or varicose vein removal for cosmetic reasons you will be pleased to learn that Skin Medical in Manchester and Leeds only employ qualified and trained NHS personnel.