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CO2 Laser Mini Mixto Facelift

We are all searching for that next treatment that combats the anti ageing process, and we may just have found it in the form of the mini mixto face lift.

The Mini Mixto facelift:

– Mini recovery time.

– Mini cost.

– Mini wrinkles.

As the years have advanced so has the technology behind today’s CO2 mixto laser.

This procedure is a non invasive facelift that has has much less recovery time and, more importantly, due to no hospital overnight stay, the costs are much cheaper (around £3000 cheaper). The CO2 Mixto treatment is done using a local anaesthetic meaning that, unlike with traditional facelifts, patients do not have to worry about general anaesthetic and extended hospital stays: patients are usually in and out of the clinic within 2-3 hours.

When looking at costs many of us think nothing of spending £200-300 for our 3-monthly Muscle Relaxing Injection to keep skin looking youthful, so when you look at just a year’s cost being around £1000 why would you not have the mini face lift as for the same price you can not only reduce the wrinkles and lines but get that much need tightening.

Benefits include:

Low recovery time

Low cost

Immediate Results

Immediate Tightening
Immediate contraction of collagen fibres reduces wrinkles and loose skin. Skin laxity is noticeably improved.

Textural Improvement
Removes pigmentation problems, reduces pore size, wrinkles, acne scars, and other textural irregularities.

Tell tale signs of ageing 

Due to the popularity of Muscle Relaxing Injection and fillers on our face, many of us forget that even with a flawless looking face that other areas of the body can give our actual age away.

The decollate and hands are the areas as these areas are constantly exposed to sun and while we take time to ensure our precious faces are protected from the harmful UVA and UVB rays with our creams and most foundations have already in we never remember to cover up the neck and hands and if anything it is these areas that are more exposed especially when we go on holiday. When do you ever remember to put suncream on the back of your hand?

These areas can also be treated with the CO2 laser, before you know it you will have turned back the clock in less than and hour. This treatment combats anti-ageing and improves the quality of skin can be applied to all body areas that are vulnerable to sun damage and years of neglect and natural ageing .

To speak to a clinician about CO2 Laser, call us on 0161 839 7663.