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“Just to say a big thank you for the kind and considerate way you have given me my treatment over the many visits. I am sure you are missed by all your patients who come to know you. I personally think you are such a competent practitioner. Best wishes for the future.”

Joan Pehlow, Manchester

“I had spider veins at the bottom and the top of one leg. They had bothered me for years but I didn’t know there was anything I could do about them. I thought I just had to live with them. I had been told about this new treatment, so I thought I would give it a go. It is uncomfortable, but not like having needles stuck into you. The only way I can describe the feeling is that is like having an elastic band snapped a bit for a second, then it’s gone. There is not even any need for anaesthetic. I’ve had only one lot of treatment so far, but the results are amazing. After they had done it they told me to have a look, and there was nothing there. I had to wear support tights as a precaution for two days and had a bit of bruising, but that will soon go. The main thing is the veins have gone.”

Yasmin Jones, Wales

“I would like to write to say how pleased I am with my treatment so far. After 16 years of electrolysis I had given up hope over being rid of my facial hair. It would have been nice to talk to someone earlier so if you have anyone who would like a bit of support, then don’t hesitate to give them my name and telephone number if it would help.”

Liz Walsh, Manchester

“Thank you for the treatment I have received for hair removal at your clinic over the past year. Now I am at the end of my treatment, I would like to add how I feel it was worth the money and I do not regret for one moment having the treatment done, and to also compliment the staff on their care and professionalism.”

Margaret Bates, Manchester

Treatments: Active FX to treat acne scarring My acne started in my late teens – at eighteen or nineteen – and was quite severe. Through my twenties I saw many dermatologists and tried antibiotics and prescribed face washes but with no improvement. The acne did eventually clear up by using RetinA topical cream combined with a relatively high dose of RoAccutane. The side effects were very strong but I was prepared to do anything to clear my skin. For a while I was happy with the results but then I started to get very conscious of the deep scarring left by the acne. I tried microdermabrasion and a different laser treatment but had very mixed results. I heard about Active FX and met a couple of people who had already had it done. It looked promising and I had a consultation with Clinician experienced in Acne scarring and use of lasers. We discussed the problem and the options thoroughly and explained that nothing can totally eradicate acne scarring but he thought he could make a positive improvement. I was quite reassured and knew I would be in good hands, so there I went again, trying one more procedure on my face. ActiveFX treatment is said to continue to work for six months and you continue to see improvements. I have to say this is true. I am happy to see the changes on my face – to date the scars are about 50 per cent faded, my skin tone is even with no more discolouration or patchy areas and it is much smoother. I have had many compliments and positive comments from friends and family since then. I definitely feel a lot more confident and dare not to wear any make-up sometimes, and when I do get my make-up on, I feel much prettier now.

Anupa Panjabi, London

I have always had acne scarring since I was a teenager and even after going for various treatments, the scarring was still quite deep and unsightly. I went on to have the Active FX treatment which I have to say has shown tremendous results. Within two weeks of having this procedure done, all my friends and collegues kept on commenting on how my skin was lovely and much improved. I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone who like me has had very bad acne scarring. The treatment may not remove all the scarring but it definately makes a huge improvement. My self confidence has increased leaps and bounds since having this treatment done. Thank you so much to the team at the Skin Medical for pointing me into the right direction and making a difference to my life.

Tamanna Ratti, Manchester

SKIN REJUVENATION USING IPL LASER TREATMENT This is amazing. In my youth I longed for a tan, but now I’m in my fifties I’m paying for it with sun-damaged skin: heavy freckles and two age spots which have resisted bleaching creams. Whenever I looked in the mirror I longed to change this. I chose Skin Medical because the treatments are carried out by nurses and so I felt entirely safe. Helen explained everything carefully, answered my questions patiently and took a detailed history. Two different lasers, Intense Pulse Light (IPL) and a Pulsed Laser, were used to rejuvenate my skin, treating the freckled sun-damaged areas as well as the age spots and a thread vein. The treatment also reduces enlarged pores, which is an added bonus, and stimulates the collagen to tone and freshen the skin. Treatments take 30 minutes and aren’t painful, it’s like being pinged with a rubber band. Afterwards my skin tingled gently for half an hour. The freckles and age spots darkened at first, but within a week were much paler, the thread vein had almost vanished and my skin felt softer. Subsequent treatments built on this dramatic change, and I’m thrilled with the results.

Ann Jolly, Greater Manchester

I have always been conscious of my waist and love handles area. I’m naturally athletic build, thus don’t have very profound waist. In addition I seem to carry most of my weight round my stomach which I found very stubborn to shift no matter how much exercise I did. I have never considered plastic surgery due to its invasiveness. However, when I heard of new techniques such Vaser it immediately caught my attention as it is a mild procedure that focuses on body contouring without going under the knife. I went for a consultation at Skin Medical and met the clinical staff who explained the procedure in detail. I was so impressed that I booked the procedure there and then. The treatment was uncomfortable but less traumatic than I had imagined as the staff was very professional, friendly and reassuring. The results were apparent a couple of weeks after the procedure, especially in the love handles area. Over next couple of months my love handles pretty much disappeared and my lower abdomen got flatter. I am very pleased with the end result as I feel much more confident now my love handles are gone. I would recommend Skin Medical to everyone facing a similar problem to me as a small change to one or two body areas can make a huge difference, both physically and mentally. The Skin Medical staff are very professional. They strive to provide advice and service that will meet if not exceed their clients’ expectations to ensure their clients will leave satisfied and happy.

Mrs Sheffield, Leeds

The staff at Skin Medical are 100% efficient, friendly and aftercare is 10/10. From the first appointment to the end result, they are professional in their work, they make you feel so good about yourself and they care to your every need. They are always pleasant and never make you feel that it is just about getting the money. I had 3 areas vaser lipoed and the results are 100%. My muffin top has gone, my flab is no longer a problem! It’s so worth having done. I am a new person. Anyone considering this, I would say go for it. Think I might be coming for a few more areas.

Karen Preston, Liverpool

On the day of my procedure, I was a bit nervous, however the doctor and all staff were exceptionally thoughtful, kind and considerate. I am most impressed by the standard of care and would recommend Skin Medical to anyone considering fat removal body contouring.

Dorothy Lamb, York




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