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Eye lid surgergy
Plexr for Non Surgical Blepharoplasty

Plexr Non Surgical Blepharoplasty Eye Bag Removal Eye Lid Rejuvenation

Unwanted skin conditions around your eyes normally matches any of the following descriptions:
• Excess upper eyelid skin
• Excess lower eyelid skin
• Hooded eyes
• Folds along upper eyelids
• Unevenness of skin folds
• Wrinkles under eyes
• Eye bags
• Festoons
• Skin laxity under eye
• Asymmetrical skin appearances
• ‘dog ears’ from past eyelid surgery
• Tired or aged appearance

If you suffer from any of the above or know someone who does then this blog post about Plexr will be of interest to you.

How Does It Work?

Plexr is a device that forms plasma to immediately transform excess skin from a solid to a gas. This process is similar to that experienced when lightning strikes.
Plexr delivers its energy only to the superficial skin cells, without affecting deeper tissues, thus enables the perfect plasticity of the eyelid movement immediately after the treatment. The result is an immediate reduction of the excess skin on the upper or lower eyelid, as well as the shrinking of the excess skin in the external region around the eye and improved skin quality and texture. The benefits are also the improvement of the expression lines at the corner of the eye and the cheekbone (“crow’s feet”).”

What’s Involved?

A numbing cream is first applied to help minimize discomfort. Once the topical anaesthetic has taken effect, a conductor instrument is used to eliminate excess skin without touching the skin. However it is aimed at the excess skin and is extremely accurate. The patient’s offending loose skin is then evaporated. What is left behind are tiny brown scabs known as carbon crust which help protect the new skin whilst it’s forming.

What’s the Recovery like?

The patient’s recovery from the crusting is normally 7 – 10 Days which is much more efficient than traditional surgery as there is no bruising. Swelling can occur on day two and last for two days. Exact time frame will be patient dependent as each patient is unique. Oxygenetics, a liquid camouflage matching your skin tone, can be applied to mask the crusting whilst the scab is formed.
The swelling will be apparent for a few days, and the eyes will feel very tight during the time before the scabs naturally fall off revealing the new tighter “baby” skin.

Is it a One Off Procedure and how long does it last?

Yes Plexr can be performed as a one off treatment and it’s results will remain just as long as a surgical procedure does.

When will I see Results?

Patient’s results will be evident straight away and optimum results are achieved in less than 30 days.

What are the Benefits compared with Traditional Surgery?

• Surgery involves cutting skin, creates a scar and requires stitches.
• Requires injection of local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic.
• Avoid risk of too much skin been take out preventing eyelids to close.
• Plexr has short downtime and
At Skin Medical our average treatment price is £1200.
For more information go to https://skinmedicaldev.productionarea.co.uk/cosmetic-surgery/plexr-non-surgical-blepharoplasty/

So the Plexr non surgical option is definitely worth looking at if you are considering an eye lift or lower eye bag removal for a fresher, more youthful look and improved vision.

Skin Medical has been using CO2 lasers for over 5 years now and this was an extremely useful forum for exchanging latest techniques and approaches to obtaining best patient outcomes.

The clinician-only course identified optimum treatment parameters for patients seeking to improve the quality of their skin texture and achieve skin tightening.

Patients were treated for acne scarring, pigmentation, skin rejuvenation to create healthily, younger looking skin.

Having completed the course the focus was not so much on sight seeing or shopping but more on practical aspects of how best can we get out of here. After a phone call back to British Airways in the UK, we managed to get last flight out before airport closed!

We are all searching for that next treatment that combats the anti ageing process, and we may just have found it in the form of the mini mixto face lift.

The Mini Mixto facelift:

– Mini recovery time.

– Mini cost.

– Mini wrinkles.

As the years have advanced so has the technology behind today’s CO2 mixto laser.

This procedure is a non invasive facelift that has has much less recovery time and, more importantly, due to no hospital overnight stay, the costs are much cheaper (around £3000 cheaper). The CO2 Mixto treatment is done using a local anaesthetic meaning that, unlike with traditional facelifts, patients do not have to worry about general anaesthetic and extended hospital stays: patients are usually in and out of the clinic within 2-3 hours.

When looking at costs many of us think nothing of spending £200-300 for our 3-monthly Botox to keep skin looking youthful, so when you look at just a year’s cost being around £1000 why would you not have the mini face lift as for the same price you can not only reduce the wrinkles and lines but get that much need tightening.

Benefits include:

Low recovery time

Low cost

Immediate Results

Immediate Tightening
Immediate contraction of collagen fibres reduces wrinkles and loose skin. Skin laxity is noticeably improved.

Textural Improvement
Removes pigmentation problems, reduces pore size, wrinkles, acne scars, and other textural irregularities.

Tell tale signs of ageing 

Due to the popularity of Botox and fillers on our face, many of us forget that even with a flawless looking face that other areas of the body can give our actual age away.

The decollate and hands are the areas as these areas are constantly exposed to sun and while we take time to ensure our precious faces are protected from the harmful UVA and UVB rays with our creams and most foundations have already in we never remember to cover up the neck and hands and if anything it is these areas that are more exposed especially when we go on holiday. When do you ever remember to put suncream on the back of your hand?

These areas can also be treated with the CO2 laser, before you know it you will have turned back the clock in less than and hour. This treatment combats anti-ageing and improves the quality of skin can be applied to all body areas that are vulnerable to sun damage and years of neglect and natural ageing .

To speak to a clinician about CO2 Laser, call us on 0161 839 7663.

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