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How is varicose vein removal done?

The chosen technology selected for removal of your varicose vein will determine the precise method adopted. However with all procedures there are some common aspects, namely:

  • Consultation with the vascular surgeon, who would perform an ultrasound scan in advance of the planned procedure to assess and identify the location and extent is the troubled vein which may influence the preferred technique of choice.
  • On the day of procedure another ultrasound scan performed to assist in the treatment undertaken.
  • Local anaesthetic applied to allow a small incision and access to the vein.
  • Depending on the technique being employed, a thin device is inserted into vein and guided by use of ultrasound scan this carefully threaded along the vein.
  • With the development of new radiofrequency ablation and laser ablation technology, varicose vein removal can be performed under local anaesthetic, avoiding the need for a general anaesthetic and long recovery periods. Our vascular surgeon makes an incision into the vein once the local anaesthetic is effective and then passes a fine probe into the vein. The vein is subjected to localised heat which implodes the vein section-by-section until the target vein collapses and no longer functions. In time, the vein is broken down by the blood and passes through the body.

Alternatively, there is the option to have treatment without the need for local anaesthetic injections as we have the option to use Clarivein technology or even newer technology currently being evaluated by NHS and is in the process collecting evidence for FDA approval in USA. This latter technique also avoids the need for local anaesthetic and omits the need to wear support garments as part of after care. Our vascular surgeon can advise at time of consultation which treatment is best suited for you.

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