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How is liposuction performed?

There are different types of procedures that remove fatty tissue. Liposuction can be performed:

a) Under general anaesthetic, whereby the patient is asleep. A tube is inserted into the target area and the solid fat cells are broken up and then sucked out. This is traditional liposuction.

b) Under local anaesthetic, whereby the patient is awake but given injections to numb the area. The fat is melted using a laser after making a small incision. This procedure is called Vaser lipo. The melted fat can be broken down by the body over a period of time.
c) Alternatively, the majority of the Vaser melted fat can be aspirated (sucked out) at the time of the Vaser lipo. At Skin Medical we have been performing different body areas since 2008. The procedure carried out under local anaesthetic and has many advantages over the general anaesthetic mainly due to reduced downtime and affordability.

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