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Are there any side effects after liposuction?

With traditional liposuction it is normal to experience soreness in the operative area after surgery for 2-3 weeks. Expect to have bruising. For Vaser lipo with aspiration there is little discomfort and a minimal amount of bruising is expected. Aside from post-operative discomfort, side effects following Vaser are rare.

Side effects that patients may experience include:

  • Post-procedure bleeding or oozing.
  • Bruising at the treatment site: This typically lasts for 10 – 14 days.
  • Infection: This is very rare. Patients will be given a low dose of antibiotics for 7 days post-procedure.
  • Swelling: Common post-procedure. An anti-inflammatory is prescribed.
  • Scarring: The incision site may result in a small scar.
  • Assymetry/contour irregularities: Are very rare and usually occur when patients do not correctly wear their compression garments.
  • Burn: The ultrasonic energy from the handpiece may cause a slight burn around the incision site.
  • Seroma: Collection of fluid is high risk on the abdomen but can occur in any area. The wearing of the compression garment is particularly important to prevent seroma. Patients may be advised to have lymphatic drainage massage should seroma occur.

With traditional Liposuction in some cases a degree of unevenness in the smoothness of the skin can occur. We offer a comprehensive and extensive post-operative care programme, which includes detailed post-operative instructions and follow-up appointments with our clinicians at our clinic.

Should patients experience any unusual conditions in the interim period experience, they are encouraged to get in touch with the clinic so we can investigate and take corrective steps.

Our comprehensive aftercare programme will be explained at the time of the consultation.

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