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Secrets to Correcting Sun Damaged and Pigmented Skin.

Pigmented Skin

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What Causes Sun Damaged or Pigmented Skin?

It’s summer and time to get that sun-kissed skin. However, are you noticing the brown spots, which is pigmented skin. For many people this appears on your face, hands and shoulders. The sun can do all sorts of things to your skin, from getting a nice tan to sun damage. Therefore the best way to prevent pigmentation and brown spots is careful application of a good SPF sunscreen.

Thank goodness to the invention of makeup. However what should you do if you want to get rid of those sun spots? Skin Medical has the answer, CO2 laser will banish these sun spots in one go. The treatment is carried out using topical local anaesthetic. You will only feel a warm prickly sensation.

Did you know that UV ray is the number one cause of ageing skin? CO2 not only removes brown spots and pigmentation but it also minimises fine lines and premature ageing. This is caused by over-exposure to these harmful rays. On top of that, CO2 also improves skin tone and loose skin on neck and jowls to give you that youthful skin. It’s never too late to correct decades of sun worshiping!

Solutions to Eliminating Sun Damaged or Pigmented Skin

Here are just some of the benefits that CO2 can offer:

  • Immediate shrinkage of damaged skin, giving the appearance of a ‘facelift’
  • Textural improvement which removes pigmentation problems, reduces pore size, wrinkles, acne scars, and other textural irregularities
  • It is effective on skin lesions e.g. discolouration from sun damage and ageing
  • New collagen production for up to one year following treatment

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