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How The Vaser Magic Wand Melted Away and Removed My Fat, Wobbly Tummy

Daily Mail By Carla McKay
09th December 2009

Read what Daily Mail reporter says about Vaser for fat removal under local anaesthetic:

“It takes just 90 minutes, doesn’t hurt, leaves no scars and removes fat for good. Is this the answer to every woman’s prayers?”

Carla McKay tells her story of what drove her to take action about getting rid of excess fat from her stomach. It was a life changing decision that gave Carla the kick start to change her outlook and gave her the confidence to be more active and sociable.

By losing 2.3kg from her stomach in one in a half hours as opposed to a lifetime trying at the gym seemed to be a cheating method to get trim. After going to the yoga class and getting her legs up in the air “The sagging lump of excess blubber, released from its normal stranglehold of support tights, was celebrating its freedom by slapping me in the face – all 12 lb of it.

Trim: Carla McKay lost 2.3 litres of fat from her once flabby stomach while lying on the clinic bed. The gift she was left with – a wonderfully flat stomach – made it all worthwhile.

Carla explains how it all became possible for her to wear more exciting outfits:

“The Vaser technology is a break through when it comes to liposuction, “its like magic” it dissolved the fatty bits and, hey presto, you had it sucked out and lived happily ever after. Unlike traditional liposuction there is no need for a general anaesthetic and I was wake through the procedure listening to music and chatting away with the clinical staff.

“It was after weeks of researching on the internet that I discovered ways to be rid of her d myself of my muffin top and discovering that, post menopause, nothing really works, I felt pretty desperate and willing to try anything.”

But could cosmetic surgery really hold the answer?

“Of course I had vaguely heard of tummy tucks, liposuction and such like, but I have never been interested in watching those grisly reality TV programmes, or even reading about it. After some research, I realised that things have moved on in the cosmetic surgery world and there were all kinds of new techniques for enhancing one’s appearance which don’t involve knives or general anaesthetics.”

Carla watched a promotional film for Vaser Liposuction, a patented technology which uses the gentle power of ultrasound to burst fat cells in just about any part of your body. She found out that this liquefied fat can then be easily and safely sucked out to produce instant results.

VASER Liposuction uses ultrasound technology and is far less intrusive then traditional liposuction – it involves no cutting or blood – and is performed under local rather than general anaesthetic.

A small probe is inserted through a tiny incision, which transmits gentle ultrasound energy to break up fatty tissues. The liquefied fat is then removed through a suction process.

What distinguishes the Vaser is its ability to differentiate targeted fat from other important tissues (such as nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues) which are left intact. Even more appealing, the healing is relatively rapid and the effects are said to be permanent.
The technique received full accreditation in the U.S. in 2002, and is now in what practitioners call its third generation in terms of refinement. Curiously, it is still relatively unknown in this country.

“I prepared for my initial consultation by making myself watch online videos of Vaser procedures on U.S. patients, who reassuringly all had smiles on their faces and appeared to be in no discomfort at all
What was very impressive was the way they jumped up off the operating table at the end as though they’d just had a beauty treatment. One even went straight back to the office.”

Carla states this is not a procedure for people who are very overweight and should not be regarded as the route to instant weight loss. “It’s a complement to a healthy lifestyle rather than a replacement for it”, he explained.

“I wanted to know what happens if you don’t commit to a healthy lifestyle afterwards. Would you just put on weight in the same spot?
The procedure involved marking out the areas to be treated on my body – around my stomach – which was swabbed with iodine. The doctor then spent about 20 minutes administering what seemed like a vast amount of local anaesthetic.

“Once I felt numb around the middle, he made three small incisions in my stomach and commenced treatment with the Vaser probe. It felt like a scraping sensation inside, as if he was weeding my stomach with a trowel. It wasn’t pleasant and I wanted it to end, but it wasn’t painful due to the local anaesthetic.

“It wasn’t that it was agonisingly painful; it’s like when you’re having a filling under local anaesthetic and you occasionally feel the dentist touch a raw nerve.

“After he finished with the ultrasound and the fat was liquefied, I watched with horrified interest as it was sucked out into a beaker, looking like orange lard. Not for the squeamish, but better out than in, I figured.

“After an hour and a half, it was done. The nurse helped me into a support garment, which looked disconcertingly like bondage gear – a corset-like device, covered with hooks and eyes, which sucked me in from under the bust to below the knicker line.

“I took a taxi home armed with painkillers and a course of antibiotics. Feeling pretty battered and tired, I didn’t dare look at my stomach, as the incision wounds had been left open in order for the local anaesthetic to drain out.

“The nurses had stuck large pads over the wounds, underneath the support garment, and I wasn’t allowed to remove anything for the first 24 hours. It wasn’t until I found a tape measure at day three that all that poking and prodding felt worthwhile: I’d lost three inches from my waist.

“Obviously, there are risks to any invasive procedures, but I couldn’t be happier with the results. Now, six weeks on, I feel Christmas has come early.

“My waist has reappeared and her stomach disappeared. The bag containing nine pairs of old, too-tight jeans has re-emerged from the bottom of my wardrobe and some of them are even too loose for me now.”

Who says you can’t turn back the clock?

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